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The word Empowerment stands for authority or power giving to someone to do something, to become confident and hopeful. But when the word empowerment gets attached with woman, it becomes the subject of woman sexuality, about her body and relationship.
Undoubtedly a woman should be free to talk about her relationship, body and anything else she wants, but does the empowerment roles end here only?
Is it not our duty to make our children familiar with the real empowerment?
To make them know about Rani Lakshmi Bai who fought with the British for her rights, Sarojini Naidu the Nightingale of India, Kalpana Chawla who went beyond the sky, Sushmita Sen a girl from ordinary middle class family became the first Miss universe from India. These women are the real model for women empowerment in India. They set the ideal example of being empowered.
Talking or arguing about the woman sexuality, body or about her private life is not called empowerment but it is called thoughtlessness.
Giving sex education is not wrong but including it under the woman empowerment is not justification for the word empowerment.
Peoples abuse our culture and state, “Women are oppressing for the long, now it should be over”. But if they have a look at our History then they will come to know that how glorified our History which describes the actual empowerment of our women. Swaymbars were performed to choose the man of her choice for marriage; they were given classes to learn arms and weapon.
It is not our culture and tradition who bound our woman, but it’s mindset of our society.
It will be better to develop the habit of reading our epic, our history to accelerate woman empowerment than watching the useless videos over the internet.

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Varsha Bansal is the Author of Chimera Story. She loves to write about motivational stories, positivity, and stories which contains social message. She is cheerful, enthusiastic and strongly believes in God and true love. She is also Author of the book, ‘Miss To Mrs Agarwal” and believes in “Imagination is more important than Knowledge :) JAISRIRAM

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