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Abhay came to his brother’s room and asked him, “Amit have you heard the rumour ?”. Amit was reading the newspaper. He put it on the table and said, “That is not rumor bro, it is confirmed”.

Abhay- are you serious?

Amit – go and ask to dad.

Abhay leaves the room in a very bad mood and went to his father’s room.

Abhay- dad, what I am listening outside is it true?

Dad f(or a minute gets puzzled) asked, “What happened beta”.

“Don’t try to hide the truth, dad, I know everything”, Abhay said the line in a louder pitch.

This makes his dad more confused and he said, “Say it clearly, I am not getting you”.

Abhay- dad Bua was telling me that you are going to marry Shweta aunty soon.

Abhay’s expressions made dad disappointed and he asked him peacefully, “yes beta. Soon I was going to discuss about this matter with you and Amit ”.

Meanwhile Amit also entered into the room and said, “Dad it is not any matter to discuss”.

Abhay – yes dad Amit is correct

Amit- dad you are now 55.what other people in the society will think about us

Abhay – yeah dad and your both sons are married too. You are only thinking about yourself, will it look good that in front of your daughter-in-laws you will bring your wife.

Seeing his both son’s reaction and expression for his second marriage makes dad sad. He was not disheartened because his children were against of his second marriage, but instead of understanding his situation and aloneness they were thinking of society and people’s thoughts.

Amit- Dad please understand!! I hope you will take a right decision.

And both the sons left the room without understanding their dad’s feeling.

He was only 30 when Amit’s mom died and fearing to bring them a step mother he refused for the second marriage although his sister tried for many proposals. To make his children’s future he left his village and agreed for Abhay’s inter-caste marriage even after hearing so many taunts of his relatives. He did every possible attempt to make his sons happy.

He called Shweta, “hey Shweta please don’t mind, but for me my son’s preference and happiness is the first priority in my life and I am sorry I cannot do this marriage.

He hung the phone and wiped his tears and asked the question to him “ it is called The Life Concept, society and other people’s thoughts matters more than your own beloved one’s. My children’s noticed my age, but not for a single moment they observed my pain for past 25 years, which I suffered to make them and their life much better. A person becomes not despondent when world taunt him, but it when his own family don’t want to understand his emotion. And with the thoughts he closed his diary.







Varsha Bansal is the Author of Chimera Story. She loves to write about motivational stories, positivity, and stories which contains social message. She is cheerful, enthusiastic and strongly believes in God and true love. She is also Author of the book, ‘Miss To Mrs Agarwal” and believes in “Imagination is more important than Knowledge :) JAISRIRAM

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