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Khushi and Ayesha get entered to room and started perverting to someone loudly , this makes their roommates amazed to that what happened to them and why they are blaring in such a high pitch.

Their junior Monika and Palak came out of the another room and asked them :-

Monika – hey Di! What happened? Why you are screaming like this?

Ayesha- nothing yaar

Khushi (in very fury voice) – what nothing yaar,. This damn stupid boys “WHAT THEY THINK OF THEMSELVES”

Palak (in cunning sound) – what happened Di?

Ayesha- “ some boys in the Mall were commenting on her shorts and also followed us on the road till we merge in the crowd.”

Palak – oh! So this is the matter

Ayesha – yeah

Monika- Di why are you focusing on such moron’s words

Palak (again in cunning voice)- what are you saying Monika it is necessary to focus there…..

Khushi – I didn’t get you Palak, what exactly do you want to say?

Palak- it is simple Di. If you are wearing such types of clothes then anyone would be going to comment and especially the small city guys.

Ayesha- means

Palak- Di our city is not any metro. Such dresses cannot be easily digested by the people here.

Khusi(again in fury voice)- means to wear the shorts we have to go the metro cities.

Palak- it depends on you, what you want to do. Well I think you cannot go to metro to wear the shorts but at least you can wear the clothes according to our city.

Khusi- listen, Palak “It’s my life, my way and my decision that what I have to wear or not. Any city, place and people cannot bind me to do this, ok!”

Listening to this palak gets angry and to make khushi madder she said:-

Palak- Di it’s your life what I can say, but if you will excite the people , they will certainly do this.

Khushi – what do you mean that I am exciting those bullshit boys……..

Palak- Di it is very simple. Seeing any girl’s bare leg, any boy will become excited

Listening to these lines khushi got mad and slaps palak for her awful words. But palak cannot do anything because she knows that she is senior and popular at room too and she just left the room.


Next day khushi‘s hostel owner called khushi and Ayesha in the office. When khushi and Ayesha went there they came to know that one of the boy from the group following them on the road also came to the hostel to chase them. They were shocked to know about it. And instead of listening to khushi and Ayesha their owner burst on them and said:-

Owner- “Palak had told me everything about the incident of yesterday and both of you know that due to your‘s this deed our hostel reputation gets effected”…..

Khushi- but sir what was our fault

Owner- you both had to wear some sensible clothes

Khushi- sir what’s wrong with our dress.

Owner – Miss khushi I don’t want any argument. I am going to proclaim a new rule

Khushi- what rule sir

Owner- “That none of the girl will wear shorts or any cloth above the knees

Khushi – but sir that’s not fair

Owner- if you think so, you can leave the hostel. Our hostel is very poplar we will get another replacement for you girls

Khushi and Ayesha left the office in a miserable condition. This news spread in the hostel like fire. Palak was very happy hearing this.

But Khushi was not feeling well and she was not ready to follow this new rule. She thought without any of her fault she became unpopular there. She decides that she will fight for herself respect and dignity.

She shared her thought with Ayesha and Ayesha supported her.

They had note the bike number of that boy’s bike for any emergency situation. They went to the police station and lodged a complaint against the boy.

And the very next day that boy got arrested by the police for misbehaving with the girls. Soon they came to know that the boy belongs to a recognized business family. his parents came there and the boy’s mother said to Khushi

Boy’s mother- you know my son is a school topper

Khushi- aunty it is very shocking to know that “YOU MAKE YOUR SON A SCHOOL TOPPER BUT FAILED TO TEACH HOW TO RESPECT GIRLS”

This line made his mother mouth shut and his father was in support of Khushi but he said nothing to her there because of his wife. His gesture was enough to support khushi.

After that Khushi came back to the hostel and packed her bag and went straight to the office:-

Khushi- sir , here is the room key

Owner- Are you sure you want to leave the hostel?

Khushi – yes sir, and sir if there is a waiting list for your’s hostel, then I am also not having any shortage of the hostels in this city. It is not so much small as you think. And one more thing I want to request you sir that please don’t proclaim any rules which seizes any girls freedom “BECAUSE MY CLOTHES DEFINES MY OUTLOOK ONLY, IT DOESN’T JUDGE MY CHARACER”.

And by saying these lines Khushi left the office.





Varsha Bansal is the Author of Chimera Story. She loves to write about motivational stories, positivity, and stories which contains social message. She is cheerful, enthusiastic and strongly believes in God and true love. She is also Author of the book, ‘Miss To Mrs Agarwal” and believes in “Imagination is more important than Knowledge :) JAISRIRAM

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