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Garv is lying on the bed and watching his parents. His parents are howling loudly, but he does not utter a single word to them and was watching the whole panorama like an outsider. For a moment he wanted to say something to them, but he preferred sleeping.
Garv is sleeping but his parents face is still clearly visible to him, and with this he starts to think about his life some days before
Priya (Garv’s girlfriend) – Garv I am tired listening to the same talk of yours all the time.
Garv- Priya if you will not understand me than whom else will?
Priya- please yaar don’t start your emotional drama again.
Garv- you think that I do the drama Priya
Priya- I don’t want any further argument.
Garv- what do you mean by this?
Priya- Garv I want to break-up with you.
Garv- You think I am a stupid guy.
Priya- I really don’t know
Garv- we are in a relationship Priya since past 4 years
Priya- and in these 4 years except your ‘CASTLE MAKING’ conversations you had done nothing
Garv- oh I got you Priya
Priya- Good for you.
Garv- Ok then. As you wish.
Priya – bye and take care
Garv (wanted to say many things but his circumstances didn’t not allowed him)-you too. I am sure you will move on soon Priya.
Priya said in a low tone- “Garv your’s this attitude will end up your relation with everyone”.
After returning to home Garv wanted to share his feeling with his parents, but he knew that no one will understand him and he just went to his room.
Mom- Garv
Garv- yes mom
Mom- come downstairs
Garv- why mom?
Mom- for the dinner beta
Garv didn’t want to come for the dinner but he had to come. After the dinner he came back to his room and planned to restart his business once again with full devotion and dedication. Next morning he shared his feelings with his dad
Garv- dad I want to rejoin your business
Dad- are you sure?
Garv- yes
Dad- but you only considered my business as a waste of time.
Garv- dad please
Dad- beta I don’t have any problem if you rejoin my business. But you realize the things after it is over.
Garv- After it is over?
Dad- my dear son it means when it is not possible to come back
Garv- dad I believe when you can’t handle any situation then it’s better to move away from it.
Dad- it is good beta to move on, but
Before his dad could complete his sentence
Garv- I have no time to realize this holding on thing dad. And please don’t force me into it.
And Garv rejoins his father business once again with a new hope and expectations. And this time Garv want to move faster than the last time because not only he wants to establish himself but he also wanted to show Priya that he had moved on.
This obdurate thought makes him so egotistic that he forgot his business ethics and principles. But Garv’s dad was very particular about the business principles and within few days his father asked him to leave his business.
Dad- Garv I am sorry but we can’t work together anymore.
Garv- what’s the problem dad
Dad- I want to make money but I can’t forget business ethics.
Garv- but dad we have to move faster and make our business equally competent with others.
Dad- Sorry if that’s the case you can start your own business.
Garv- you know dad at this point I can’t
Dad- don’t worry I will finance you
Garv- really dad
Dad- yes
His dad didn’t want to support him because Garv’s attitude was not right towards the life and business but he cannot deny him. Garv was very happy that he would start his own business with his rules and regulations.
Garv was very happy with his new business it was running like “DIN DUGNI RAAT CHAUGNI”. He had forgotten everything. The only thing he had in his mind was to move on. Initially his business was blooming but after few months he saw downfall in his business. He never believed in following the business ethics. He thought this downfall is due to the market crisis. Soon he realized that he had to pay a huge amount to his creditors. Garv looked for his dad for resolving this payment issue.
Garv- dad can you please pay to my creditors.
Dad- beta I cont help you this time. I have to pay my bank loans.
Garv- bank loan?
Dad- yes bank loan
Garv- Bank loan for what?
Dad- For your business.
Garv- what?
Dad – yes
Garv- it means you had taken 25 lakh from the bank
Dad- yes
Garv- and what you had guaranteed to the bank
Dad- our home
Garv- dad
Dad- beta you always want to do your own business and I wanted to fulfill your wish
Garv- but dad 25 lakh is a big amount and I have market loans as well.
Dad- Garv I always tried to make you understand that follow the business ethics and rules. Sometimes it is good to move away from the situations but in long run it will end up everything. You should learn to face the situation and not running away from it.
Garv was frizzed and his mind stopped working. Priya’s words hovered his mind “Garv your’s this attitude will end up your relation with everyone”.

Mom and dad were discussing about the Garv marriage and they listened a massive sound from Garv’s room; they left their discussion and came to his room. They looked at Garv and both became numb for a moment Garv was lying on the bed and struggling for breath. He had a bottle of empty sleeping pills by his side.
Dad ran to awake him but it was too late because sleeping pills had started showing their effect on Garv’s body. Garv was losing his sensations and he was unconscious. His parents were crying very loudly as Garv was taking his final breaths. His dad tried to call doctor but Garv exhaled his last breath and died.
The whole environment became sorrowful. Garv’s dead body was lying in his mother’s lap. It seemed as if this time he didn’t wanted to escape or to move on anywhere but see the irony now the world doesn’t want to keep him anymore
Garv’s body is on the casket but his soul is still in his home. His mom and dad are still crying but he is so helpless that he cannot make any effort to do anything.
Thus it was Garv’s story who move on fever anesthetized him forever. It is good to move on rapidly but don’t budge so fast that if you want a turn back in your life you have a no passage.


Varsha Bansal is the Author of Chimera Story. She loves to write about motivational stories, positivity, and stories which contains social message. She is cheerful, enthusiastic and strongly believes in God and true love. She is also Author of the book, ‘Miss To Mrs Agarwal” and believes in “Imagination is more important than Knowledge :) JAISRIRAM

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