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While searching for a business card
A small yellow paper slipped from the stack

Ignored , but soon caught attention because of its colour

He picked it up. Closed his eyes and whispered “I remember everything ”
Soon a drop rolling down the cheek spilled over the card.

He was about call someone for his business dealing but his memories called him for long drive along the roads of past.

He settled over the bed, The back seat of his luxury car named “Memoria ” .
He went to all the places he used to visit very often with someone special on his side.

Tears fueled the “Memoria” forever. He enjoyed all the roadside fantasies and stopped near a leftover wood log .
WoodLog whispered “Hi Dear, Long time no see. I am not there , what about her ?”
He replied ” Even she is not there ” .

He moved on and stopped ,
Open his eyes.
Took the car keys in hurry and left .
When he reached near the wood log’s place , He saw a smooth four lane road and beneath it THE MILESTONE of his LOVE.

He sat in car, Shifted the gear to top and left.

The Yellow Card was on dash board which read “I Love You and will always be with you .”

About Chandrakant rathi

Chandrakant Rathi is a young B.Com graduate , a budding marketing manager , not so known poet and A reader by hobby . Writing secretly for last last 10 years. Social issues are reflected in his creations . Always looking for some creativity .


  1. Excellent piece of writing, short, crisp, and touching…!
    But I wish it had a little more story in it…

    Truely beautiful for sure…!

    Please do write more n more…

  2. Dear Chandrakant,
    It is so Nice…

  3. great thought BRO…

  4. Good info. Lucky me I reach on your site by accident, I bookmarked it.

  5. Thank you and keep reading and keep smiling 🙂

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