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Marriage – An institution for Self Growth:
Marriage is considered as a big institution in many parts of the world. Marriage is a very significant event in one’s life. It is sacred because two separate people come together to proceed forward towards the same goal, like two rivers that come from different sources and merge in the same ocean. Therefore, marriage is not an end but it is the beginning of a couple’s mutual growth.
But what is the real essence of marriage? Why it is required? For we human being can live with many people around. Our life is very complex and we have to take the initiative to make it simple. Each one of us is born alone and walks alone, and heading towards a particular destination. What that destination can be? Security can be considered as one of this destination. Only once you gain relative security, you can proceed towards absolute security. For example relative security can be in the form of money, car, job, degrees in education,etc .. It can give us a temporary sense of satisfaction. This feeling of satisfaction gives us a sense of growth. This is where the role of marriage comes. It helps us in self-growth. Two persons from different family, different thought process unite in a bond where all their differences merge into one. When you are with your partner you gain a sense of emotional security where your entire ego fuses in the feeling of love. In the beginning some conflicts can occur which is natural but afterwards there will be moral uprightness. This is the nature of marriage. There will be some roughness, but you will have to work with it all the same because of your commitment.
These days it is very common to break marriage by taking divorce. This situation arises when the roughness between your egos is far greater than the bond of love. The reason may be like over protectiveness, possessiveness towards your spouse, hurdling their individual growth, superiority complex etc, but it arises due to ego. So, in today’s time it becomes necessary to understand the changing scenario where both the sexes are considered equal in every aspect of life. We should teach our children to respect the feelings and ambitions of the other person who is going to be their life partner prior to the marriage by counseling them.
Parents play an important role in a child’s life. So conducting a healthy living environment at home can have a great impact in a child’s life. Solve your mutual conflicts by talking not by shouting. This will help your child to learn how to deal with other people in future. Teach them to respect everyone’s feeling so when he grows he will learn to respect the feelings of his/her spouse. These little things done at grass root level can have a huge impact in society. We can again dream of a healthy society where love fosters in a marriage and not the frustration.



Neha Agrawal is the Editor and Author of Chimera Story. Engineer by profession, loves to explore herself with adventurous and different realms of life. Reading, writing small poems and articles, interacting with different people, learning new things and travelling is her interest. She loves to help others and believes in love and freedom.

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