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Rohan-“ Hello.what are you doing yaar”.

“Hey bro nothing what about you”, Rohan replied. And responding to Rohan- Manav completed his shaving and said “just shaved yaar and getting bored at home”.

Rohan – so bro come to my home we will have fun together

Manav- any plan there

Rohan – yeah, I had bought two sci-fi movies DVD.

Manav- oh great! I am coming there. Give me 10 min

Rohan- sure take your time.

Manav hung the phone and quickly dressed up for going to Rohan’s home. He reached in exactly ten minutes. Manav pressed the door bell, Rohan’s mother opened the door and he greeted her.


Manav- hello aunty, where is Rohan ?

Aunty- “in his room”

Manav said ok with a smile on his face and went to his friend’s room.


Manav- hey bro

Rohan- hiii. come yaar

And manav lay down in the bed and Rohan starts the DVD. They enjoyed the movie for 4 hours continuously. After the movie ended, Rohan asked Manav about his plans on Christmas Eve.

Rohan-“ Manav have you asked your father for the Christmas Eve?”

Manav- yeah

Rohan- so what he said?

Manav- the same answer “celebrate it at home”.

Rohan – and what about Goa?

Manav- you know my father very well yar. He will never permit me for Goa

Rohan- don’t worry, still time is there.

Manav- where it is yaar, only 8 days are left for the celebration.

Rohan tries to make him understand not to lose hope. After that Manav looks his watch , “it’s time to go home bro , I have to leave now. And Manav came back to his home.


At night Manav was thinking about Goa that how much he loves to go Goa. From his school days he wants to celebrate Christmas there once in his life. He fell asleep with his thoughts.


He was in deep sleep and had a scary dream that night. He gets so frightened of the dream that he awakes. He tried to sleep again, but he couldn’t and in the morning he was in a dilemma. He thought to share his dream with his friend Rohan and calls him.



Manav – hello

Rohan – yes Manav

Manav- Rohan , yesterday I had dreamt something confusing.

Rohan – what you had dreamt

Manav- I don’t know what is it about. But it made me so peril that after it whole night I can’t sleep

Rohan – so tell me what it was about

Manav- there was kind of athletic person calling himself as “god of death”

Rohan – what

Manav – yes

Roahn- than what happened

Manav- he said

Manav paused for a while

Rohan – what happened say, what he said?

Manav- he said that I will be no long after 25 December

Rohan- means

Manav- idiot I will die

And listening to this Rohan started to laugh and this makes Manav go mad

Manav (bursts in anger) – you are laughing huh..

Rohan- Then what I am supposed to do? Bro you are sounding nonsesnse.

Manav- nonsense, am I talking nonsense ?

Rohan- exactly

Manva- ok, if you are thinking so then. It means there is no sense to discuss it with you anymore

And he hangs the phone angrily. After sometime Rohan calls him. Manav didnt pick the phone but after 2-3 calls he picks the phone and shouts at him loudly

Manav – now what happened?

Roahn- I am sorry

Manav- I am sounding nonsense na

Rohan – no yaar , actually you never talk like this before and when you said that lines it puzzled me and I started to laugh.

Manav – so now what

Roahn- I am saying you that don’t take that dream seriously, it was just a dream and nothing and you know what

Manav- what

Rohan – if you had dreamt something bad and if you discuss it with someone than it doesn’t happens

Manav- ok

Rohan – now sorry again and chill yar

Manav- hmmm

Rohan makes him laugh with his jokes for some time and then hang the phone. After 10 min Rohan again call Manav

Manav – now what happened?

Rohan – I have a great idea

Manav – idea?

Rohan – yes idea

Manav – tell

Rohan – I think your dream can be helpful for us

Manav – how

Rohan – you know it very well that your father loves you more than anything in the world.

Manav – yes

Rohan – so share this dream with him

Manav – common, yar Rohan and what my father will do after hearing it

Rohan – he will do nothing . but your Goa plan will be fixed.

Manav- explain me

Roahn – listen .go to your dad with a miserable face and tell him about your dream

Manav- then

Rohan – then tell your father that this is the last Christmas of your life and you want to celebrate it in Goa

Manav- no yaar , my father will never trust me about this dream

Rohan – he will surely

Manav – how you can be so confident about it

Rohan – because I know you from past 6 years. But your father knows you from your childhood and he is the most emotional and a kind person of the world according to me

Manav- yeah it is true, but

Roahan – now don’t say anything and go to your father’s room and if he doesn’t permit me than I guaranteed that I will take you to Goa at my risk

Manav said okay and hangs the phone. He goes to his father’s room and does the exactly what his friend had asked him to do.


Manav – papa

Papa- hey son! Come

Manav- papa I want to share something with you

Papa- sure say

Manav (making a miserable face with eyes in his tear)- papa

Looking tears in Manv’s eye his father becoms puzzled and asked him

Papa- what happened

Manav- papa last night I had dreamt something more than worse

Papa- what was it about?

Manav- papa there was a man called himself as “god of death”

Papa- what

Manav – yes papa

Papa- than what happened

Manav (in a heavy voice)- he said that this Christmas is my last Christmas and I have only 7 days left of my life

Papa- what

Manav – yes papa

Papa- no beta nothing will happen

Manav- no papa its true. Rohan’s mother had asked to her priest about the dream

Papa- so

Manav- and he said this dreams exactly happens

Papa- means

Manav- means whatever I had dreamt will convert into the reality for sure and exactly the day after Christmas that is 26 Dec at 12 pm I will die.

Manav’s father hugs him tightly after hearing this and started to cry. Manav hugs him and wiped his tears

Papa- beta after your mom you are the only person in my life for whom I am living

Manav – I know papa

Papa- I don’t know why god is testing me

Manav- no dad it is not like that, please don’t cry

For a while Manav felt bad for his papa. But he was knowing that if he revealed the truth than his father will not allow him to go goa. So he continued the drama.

Papa- beta my all earnings and assets are for you only, who will take care of it

Manav thinking in his mind “now he is saying that all his assets is mine , but whenever I asked him for 1000 Rs he questioned about it 10000 times.”

Manav- papa can I ask you for something

Papa- yeah, sure dear

Manav- papa it is my dream to celebrate Christmas Eve in Goa from my college days

Papa- yes

Manav- so I want to celebrate my last Christmas there

Papa- with whom

Manav- with Rohan

When his father heard that Manav wants to celebrate his last Christmas not with him but with his friend he gets disappointed. But for Manav’s happiness he agreed.

Papa- sure beta

Manav thanked him with a great smile on his face and hugs him tightly.

His father gives him 5 lakh for the celebration.

Papa- take it son

Manav- papa, but this is a huge amount

Papa- no beta in front of you it cost me nothing

Manav was feeling confused that he had said a very big fallacious statement to his dad. But at the same time his Goa dream also appeared in front of his eyes and he takes the money.


Manav came to his room and calls his friend Rohan and described the whole panorama.

Rohan- so your father agreed

Manav- yes , my friend exactly

Roahn- I told you na

Manav – Yeah, you were right. pack your bags we are going to Goa dear.


Manav also packed his bag and the whole night he dreamt about Goa. Next day Manav and Rohan started their journey by car.

When Manav reached to Goa he was feeling like he was in dream and he said to Rohan “bro I am feeling like heaven”.

Rohan – yeah bro it is, now we will celebrate the festival here with great enjoyment

Manav said yes and both went to the beach for the celebration. They both together have a great time and wander each and every place of Goa. And finally comes the Christmas day.


Manav was feeling the best day of his life on the Christmas. Manav and Rohan went to the church first for the prayer.


They came back to their hotel room for the evening celebration. Rohan changed the outfit and went to the reception and asked Manav to come there when he gets ready. And Manav went to bathroom to take shower. He came to the room and opened the suitcase, takes the shirt and move back to the mirror side to dress. While Manav was combing he noticed a man behind him. Manav turn back and asked him

Manav- who are you? And how did you come to my room

Man- you forgot me

Manav- I don’t even know you, so how I can forget you

Man- remember your dream

Manav- dream

Man- yes dream

Manav- which dream

Man- “god of death”

Manav- what

Man- yes, today is Christmas Eve and tomorrow exactly at 12 pm I will take your life

Manav- what rubbish you are talking, just get out of my room

God of death – I will dear but tomorrow at 12 pm I will come to take your life

Manav- listen don’t waste my time. Today I have to do many things ok

God of death – yes, do whatever you want to do today, but remember today only

Manav (scared)- are you really god of death?

God of death (with cunning smile)– yes! Remember your dream, man

And Manav recalls his dream and notice that the man who had appeared in his dream was looking exactly like the man to whom he is talking now. Manav gets frightened for a while and becomes sensation less.

Manav- how this can be real

God of death – it has to be real

Manav- but my friend had said….

God of death – forget your friend’s word

Manav – but how

God of death- it is

Then God of death offered him 10 lakh.

Manav- why you are giving me this amount

God of death replied that he is gifting this amount as his Christmas gift and he can spend it as he wants. After it god of death disappears from there and Manav stands there like a statue. Meanwhile, his friend comes there.

Rohan- hey, Manav I am waiting for you from past 1 hour and you aren’t ready till?

Manav heard him, but he was not in position to utter any word. Rohan came there and shudder him and asked “why are you standing like a statue”

Manav- Rohan

Rohan- yes

Manav- god of death had come here

Rohan asked with puzzle “god of death

Manav- yes and he said that tomorrow at 12 pm he will take my life.

Rohan- I think Manav it is the effect of your last night hangover

Manav said angrily: “shut up Rohan. I am not joking see this money he had offered me as a Christmas gift.

When Rohan looked at the money he was also surprised. He didn’t understand how to react in this situation

Rohan – don’t worry bro

Manav- what don’t worry yar, my dreams was true

Rohan- might be

Manav- How it can happen? My dream is converting into reality.

Rohan – please calm down Manav

Manav said- “no yaar” and tears rolled down from his eyes.

Rohan – hey bro please…….

Manav- I don’t know what to do now. My life will be over in some hours.

Rohan – lets go to the church

Manav relaed himself a bit and said- ok lets go. May be I will feel better there.


And they went to the church prayed there .


They came out of church with a heavy heart. To break the silence Rohan asked Manav what he will do with the gift offered by God of death.

Manav (in a confused tone) – I don’t know.

Rohan- Lets purchase something for you.

Manav- Do you think it is worthy purchasing for someone who is going to die in few hours. I have to be alive to utilize them.

Rohan – “yes, there is no meaning of shopping”. They both sat on the footpath observing the traffic in silence.

Rohan- Manav, you want to eat something?

Manav- I am not hungry. I am just messed up thinking about this weird person who calls himself as God of death.

Rohan – I think you should stop thinking about it

Manav (bursting out in anger) – It is easy to console. What if you were in my place? Would you be calm knowing you will die with a prescribed notice from the death god? And see this stupid fellow had also offered me 10 lakh so that I could enjoy my death.

Rohan had no answer and he just nodded his head.


They were talking meanwhile a casket passed from there.

To make Manav’s mood light he suddenly uttered- “tomorrow it will be yours….”

Manav filled up with a great rage. He just fired on Rohan.

Manav- Rohan are you my friend? Again and again you are making fun of my fear. You are finding it very funny na. .

Rohan – “No Manav. I didn’t mean that. Don’t know how I said all these. I am sorry, you are very important for me too. Even I don’t want to lose you.” Rohan hugged Manav very tightly.


Till 6pm both were sitting together at the road side footpath. They were watching people who were excited for the evening celebrations. At 6 pm Manav stood up and started to walk

Rohan –hey where you are going

Manav- I don’t know

“Wait I am also coming”, Rohan said

Manav- no Rohan , I want to be alone.

Rohan – hey Manav we are friends and I will be there for you always

Manav put his hand on Rohan’s shoulder “Thank you Rohan. I know you are my true friend and have always supported me, but please this last time I want to be alone”. Rohan understands his feeling and he left Manav alone.


He was walking aimlessly and feeling guilt continually.


He was so immersed in his thoughts that he forgot everything. Suddenly he hears voice of some children there singing “jingle bell-jingle bell”. He sees his watch it was 12 AM.


He thought that only 12 hours are left with his life to end. But suddenly his mind became calm and he thought these 12 hours are very precious. He should live it to the fullest so he went to the children to celebrate the festival of joy and happiness.   He also started to sing and dance with them.

Soon a man came there and asked the children to get inside home and all the children went inside.


Manav asked him “hello can I ask you a question”

Man – yes

Manav- These children are your kids?

Man- no

Manav- Then?

Man- Are you aware of the disaster in Kashmir?

Manav- yes

Man – I went to Kashmir few days ago for vacation. These children are from Kashmir. They have lost all their family, friends, everything in that disaster. I have no child of my own so I thought God have given me another chance to fill my life again with these little flowers. I brought them with me and from that day I am trying to make them happy and trying my best to give them a good future

Manav was overwhelmed by hearing all this. He couldn’t control his tears. He thought how God arranges everything in the life so beautifully. These children have lost their everything and God had sent someone who has made them his everything. Whereas he never realized he was equally bestowed with such a loving and caring father in his life but he never understood his importance. And today when he is on the verge of death, he realizes how fool he was not to respect the feelings of his father.

He started to curse himself that at the last moments of his life he is not present with his father. Man asked him ‘what you are thinking about?”

Manav said “nothing” .He nodded his head and gives the whole amount to that man.

Man- Why are you giving such a huge amount to me?

Manav- you are doing a great job and I hope at the last moment of my life I can do something better for someone.

Man asked him in a puzzled tone ‘last moment’. Manav again nodded his head ,wished him merry Christmas and move away from there.


As he was coming from that place, he met to the “God of death” on the road.

Manav looked at his watch and said- Still time is left.

God of death- I know

Manav – So, why you have came so early?

God of death- to tell you one thing

Manav- don’t worry, I will be ready

God of death- no, not about your death

Manav- than what

God of death – I am here because I am sure you had realized now

Manav- Realized what?

God of death – Son, the problem with your generation is that you take life as a joke. You say it very easily “we will die” for the smallest of failures but now you realized how hard is to die. Every birth is difficult. A mother has to undergo high intensity of pain to bring a child in this world. A father gives his whole share of happiness just to see a smile on your face. Do you ever realize their pain? You think of your happiness first. The same happened when I came in your dream. When I told you that you are going to die after Christmas you made this as an opportunity to fool your father so that you can go for a goa trip. He was shocked listening his son will die before starting his life. He wanted to spend the last moments of your life with you but you instead told you want to go out with your friend. He was heartbroken but you didn’t care for his feelings.

Manav felt ashamed of himself and he said sorry to the god of death.

God of death pardoned him and said “Son, when your death will come in real it will not inform you. Whether you are ready or not it will take your life. You should be alive till your life is there and value the one’s you really care for you. Go to your dad and spend some time to understand him. Don’t make your life regretful; fill it with love and joy.

Manav- But how is it possible now. My hometown is far away from here.

God of death – By tomorrow you can reach your home.

Manav- but tomorrow you will take my life.

And the god of death revealed that he has created this panorama to teach him a lesson of life. Manav felt relaxed after hearing this from himGod of death blessed him and disappeared from there.

Manav had learned a life lesson for his whole life and he realized that life is the biggest gift of god which should be lived honestly and beautifully.





















Varsha Bansal is the Author of Chimera Story. She loves to write about motivational stories, positivity, and stories which contains social message. She is cheerful, enthusiastic and strongly believes in God and true love. She is also Author of the book, ‘Miss To Mrs Agarwal” and believes in “Imagination is more important than Knowledge :) JAISRIRAM


  1. Awsome story. Keep writing and motivating others.

  2. Thank you and keep reading 🙂

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