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Prakash left his berth and came out of the train, as he came outside he saw that there was no one at the station he said to his friend “hey Chandra! See no one is here to receive us , prakash was in the mid of his sentence and Chandra interrupted in between and said “oh really you are not here as a collector that somebody will come here to receive you ok , you are just selected as a teacher of 3rd grade in the Shiksha karmi and from tomorrow students of 4th standard will be waiting for you in the school ,so prepare yourself for it”. Prakash gave an angry look to him and said “I know very well but it is not necessary to join the word 3rd grade all the time and left the station.
As prakash reached the home he saw that his mother was waiting for him in front of the door only with the Aarti thal , he saw that and thought “mummy bhi na aise arti ki thal leke khadi hain jaise koi jung jeet k aya hu” but he didn’t say a single word to his mother just touch her feet and said “mummy I am very hungry so lunch is ready or not”. His mom in a filmy style “haan beta aaj pura tere hi pasand ka khana banaya hai tu bas ghar k andar to chal”. Prakash listened his mother and thought “now I understood that papa was absolutely right that mom is too filmy”, but he ignored that all and just went into the home.

Prakash sat on the dinning and started his lunch , his mom came to him and while serving his favorite dish his mom said “ beta ye dekh tera favorite gajar ka halwa bnai hu , aaj main bhut khush hu ki teri naukri lag gayi hai” prakash was not in a state to say single word this time and said to himself “dost to dost ghar me maa ne bhi suna hi diya”. He finished his lunch and went to the room.

As prakash entered the room he saw the chart paper on the wall ,which was affixed by him seven years back in which he had written “ONE DAY I WILL BE A COLLECTOR”. As prakash watch that and tear rolled down from his eyes , he just console himself and laid down on the bed , he was thinking about his job and how he will manage the very new day in school and by the time he don’t know when he went into a deep sleep.

In morning prakash woke late and saw the clock , as he saw the clock he just get up from his bed and get ready for the school , because being a IAS student he don’t want to be late at the very first day of the school.

He reached to the school by time and firstly he go to the principle office. Principal in the office greet and wish for his best future there , and prakash by saying thank you leave the principal office.

Prakash reached to his class but he observe that someone is present in the class before him only and the teacher present their was Miss Snehal , she looked to prakash and noticed that bell has rang for the next period , she said to prakash “ I am sorry I didn’t recognize the bell , please come in and join the class”. Prakash just say “its ok” and entered in class and Snehal leave the class.

As prakash entered the class without introducing himself he started to teach the student there and without noticing whether the students are getting him or not he is continuing in his rhythm only , suddenly he perceive that all the students are gazing him like as he is not a teacher but he is any English RJ who is continuously speaking. Well prakash was not understanding that how he has to deal with the students and he get in his thoughts that “what I had plan for myself and what the hell I am doing”. Prakash was in his thought and to watch this all the students started making noise and suddenly their sound struck to prakash’s ears , he makes the student quiet and left the class.

He went to home and started to thinking that what he was doing, he was not having any other option also because his all the attempts for IAS had were finished and now no one will support his studies or going to finance any more for any classes so he has to do this job whether he want or not.

At the next day he again started from the first page only so that student get him but this time also he didn’t successful in his attempt and once again he went to in his thoughts and student started making clamor there , but prakash didn’t notice this and this time Snehal teaching at the near class come and said to Prakash “Mr prakash please make the class quiet as I am getting disturb to teach the students in the near class” . prakash says sorry to her and make the class calm and snehal went from there.

In staffroom Prakash was checking some copies there and then only Snehal enter there and said “hi” to Prakash , he gives response to her and once again started his work . Rapidly snehal said to prakash “Mr prakash I am noticing from two days that in your class too much shouting is coming out and due to that I am getting distur, as 10th standards students are there so please consider”. Snehal had completed her sentence and don’t what entered to prakash he becomes heated and like all his frustration put on snehal and said “see miss snehal as I am not interested to teach here but some circumstances make me force to do this as I lost my all IAS attempt and one thing more don’t teach me to how to deal with my job”. Prakash just busted on snehal without noticing anything. When he complete himself , snehal gives a weird look to him and asked “whether you know Mahatma Gandhi” , prakash said “ definitely , I can write a book on him”. To listen this snehal said “I don’t know what you can do or not but one thing I know about him is that he never under estimate any work, for him all work are equal important and one thing Mr prakash what ever you are doing or any sort of work you are performing you should respect your work”. And by saying this snehal left the staffroom.

Prakash returned to home and laid down on the sofa , he was thinking about the snehal and , at that time only his mobile rang he saw it was Chandra in the phone , prakash picks the phone and Chandra informed him that soon PSC vacancies is going to announce and said “not the collector , you can be a deputy collector” , as some where a little hope appears in prakash’s heart also.

The next day Prakash went to school with a new excitement because he was discovering his destiny once again. And that day he was showing some interest towards the students and he was much happy about the vacancies and the students were also happy to watch the prakash glad. Prakash was with his subject that day he thought that to understand anything is easy but to make understand to others is somewhat not an easy task. He was trying to coordinate with the students, rapidly peons came in the class with a notice register in his hand , prakash took the register and make the announcement written in the register it was for the teacher day.

At the teacher day program every two student of each class had to say his speech on the topic my favorite teacher and prakash notice that most of the students had give heir speech on Miss Snehal only. At the end of the program snehal had also delivered a little speech on teachers and one line of her that “TEACHER BUILDS THE NATION” won the heart of prakash.

After the program prakash asked snehal for the coffee and she accepted his offer. At the café prakash asked to snehal “ snehal do you always want to be a teacher only” , she replied “no I want to be the corporate lawyer”, prakash said “than why you join this profession” she replied “I think prakash my destiny had thought this for me and one thing I believe that what the work you are performing you should be passionate about that particular work and give 100 percent to your job and know what I am pleased with my work very well because I am giving my hundred percent, and the problem with today’s generation is that they keep themselves busy in searching instead of understanding and making it.” Prakash was quiet impressed by her saying but he just replied nice to her. After the coffee when they were leaving the cafeteria snehal said to Prakash , “Prakash I trust that it is better to be the king of your place to roam like a nomad here and there.”

Prakash was greatly impressed with her last lines. Snehal saying and lines were continuously running in prakash’s mind and somewhere snehal was taking place in prakash’s heart.

Gradually prakash started feeling for her and he does not know when he get fall in love with her. Prakash decided to share his feeling with snehal that he loves her. And for this he found Christmas Eve the best.

At the Christmas evening he went to snehal,s house with a gift in which he had described his feeling. At her house before the prakash could say anything about his feeling snehal introduces to Deepak to prakash “ hey prakash he is Deepak soon going to my fiancée”. As prakash listen this he become speechless but he makes comfort himself and handle the situation and by fault he present the gift to snehal and went out from there.

After returning to home he realized that he had to not present the gift and that time only his phone rang , and when he saw that snehal name is displaying in his phone he was frightened at a time but he picks the phone and without listening snehal he started “I am sorry snehal , please don’t mind that all” and interrupting in his line snehal said “why you are saying sorry to me in fact I should” , prakash “why you will”, snehal replied that “before I could unpack the gift , it had been fall down from my hand and broken down into pieces even I was unable to recognize what you had present me” . listening to this Prakash felt relaxed for a time and he said “no issue , and no need to say sorry” and kept the phone.

After the Christmas and winter vacation , at school high time was started because exams were near and snehal was in a great pressure as she was the class teacher of 10th standard. Some where prakash had to also prepare himself for his PSC exam as the date for pre exams were announced. And he started his preparation for the exam but some where he was anxious for the snehal , he just want to tell about his feeling to her once.
Once he was taking surprise test in his class , so all the students were busy with their questions and prakash was thinking about snehal . that time snehal came to class asking for duster , but prakash doesn’t notice that and he was busy with his dream only. Snehal was surprise that how prakash is in deep thought , so to recognize her presence their she loudly says “prakash give me the duster”, and as soon as prakash listen her, he came out of his dream world and surprisingly to see snehal in front of him he speaks about his feeling to her “ snehal I love you”, after listening this she looks me , I look her and the whole class started to look us. And without saying any word she just went out from the class. Prakash follow her and said “please snehal don’t mind that”, snehal replied “I had mind that day only Prakash” , prakash doesn’t understand what she is saying “that day means” , snehal said “that day means when you had presented me that gift”, “but that gift was broken” prakash said to snehal , “yes I had said because that day when I call , you were not in the position to accept your feelings and I also didn’t want to force you that time , as Deepak that time only wants to accept the offer by me , but I said to him till prakash will not accept his feelings for me , I will not accept his offer , and today fortunately with a coincidence you has shared your feeling suddenly and the words said rapidly are the words from heart”. When prakash listen this all he was so amaze and glad that he was not able to say anything to her and just hugged her , that time only the class was watching them but this time whole school were gazing them.

Prakash and snehal were too happy as both had share their feeling and got their love. And both decided that they will plan about their future after the prakash’s PSC exam.

After sharing his feeling for the snehal prakash was relaxed and started his preparation for the PSC very hardly. At the time of preparation prakash had thought that this is his last attempt either this side or , but for the other side he was not leaving any option in his hard work .
His pre and mains exams were over and he was passed with flying colors. Now this was the interview time , but at the time of interview preparation he was not feeling good for the interview , but he ignores and kept his practice continued.
At the interview day, he was revising some points and at the same time snehal call him and wished him good luck for the interview , prakash said “snehal this is my last and I don’t know I am feeling something strange”, “don’t feel any thing just go ahead and do your best and I know this is your last because after this you are going to be a deputy collector” she replied. Prakash doesn’t answer and kept the phone.

Prakash dressed himself for the interview , pray in front of god and went out from the home for the interview. At the signal he watched a child had met an accident and blood was flowing from his body in a drastic manner , as prakash looks his watch and thought that there is still some time is left for his interview , so he thought he can easily took the child to the hospital and left for the interview.

So he turn his bike back and took the child to the hospital. He admitted the child there and as he was leaving the hospital, police came there and being an accident case police asked to prakash to be there till the child’s parents didn’t come there. Prakash made all his effort to make them understood for his interview but they didn’t agree and once again Prakash defeated by his destiny.

After three hours snehal calls to prakash to know about his interview. Prakash told everything about the incident and after listening all the things from prakash , snehal came to hospital and said to prakash “ I love you and also proud to you , despite you are fail today but you triumph the heart of this child, and the work done by you today is not less than a collector or deputy collector.”

After seven week Chandra called prakash and said “hey prakash there is another good news for you , soon another state PSC vacancies is going to announce , I think you should try one more time” , “no Chandra that’s it , not anymore and someone had said to me that it is better to be the king of your place instead of nomads and wandering here and there, and what if I can’t be a collector , but I can enlighten the path to others. And some time our destiny thought better than us , and well I am going to open my own coaching institute that is “MANJIL COACHING INSTITUTE” very soon.” And prakash kept the phone by saying this , snehal near him was listening she came gave a smile to him and said that “I am always with you and forever.

After the two years , prakash and snehal were happily married with each other. And the MANJIL coaching institute has become the paramount coaching of the town. With the lapse of time prakash also realizes that the work which he never thought to do , has become his greatest passion ever and the part of his identity. And the art of teaching present in him makes him differ from the others always. And the two things he learn from his life that “to gain the knowledge is good but to utilize it for others is the best” and “sometime our destiny plan better than us”



Varsha Bansal is the Author of Chimera Story. She loves to write about motivational stories, positivity, and stories which contains social message. She is cheerful, enthusiastic and strongly believes in God and true love. She is also Author of the book, ‘Miss To Mrs Agarwal” and believes in “Imagination is more important than Knowledge :) JAISRIRAM

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